Everyone deserves a voice.

AAC Specialists in Orange County, California


We are Speech-Language Pathologists specializing in the assessment, treatment, and training of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) based in Orange County, CA, offering in-home services. AAC is any form of communication outside of oral speech. It is a form of Assistive Technology (AT) that is specific to communication. It can be used to help people of all ages communicate, whether they are non-verbal or are difficult to understand.

Why consider Technically Speaking?  

We believe every child, teenager, and adult who are unable to communicate has the basic human right to do so.  All individuals communicate, and we consider ourselves communication detectives.  We look at how the individual is currently communicating and work from there to develop a more conventional communication approach.  We are inspired to work with children and adults who are non-verbal, we have seen their humor, strength, and determination, this pushes us to help them achieve success.  Just because one doesn’t have a physical voice doesn’t mean they have nothing to say. We believe in finding the appropriate tools and modalities to assist in communication and language development.  Communication development is dynamic and ongoing and needs change throughout one’s life.  


"The silence of speechlessness is never golden. We all need to communicate and connect with each other- not just in one way, but also in as many ways as possible. It is a basic human need, a basic human right. And much more than this, it is a basic human power."

Williams, 2000, p. 248