We offer in-home speech therapy and assessment specific to AAC, as well as training and consultation for families, schools, and other professionals.  Our goal is to provide the best evidence based practices to meet the individual communication needs of the AAC user.  We understand that communication does not just happen in the therapy room. Therefore we believe in providing a plan and support, so that the AAC user can communicate in a variety of settings.  We also believe in creating a unique AAC system and treatment plan based on the users individual needs and abilities.  We want to encourage and motivate our AAC users to communicate and to enjoy it! 

AAC Assessment

As therapists, we believe a thorough assessment gives us a well-rounded and complete picture of the individual that then guides our AAC recommendations and treatment.

AAC Treatment, Training And Consultation

Our therapy aims to be as functional and as fun as possible for the AAC user, so that they understand how to take the skills they learn in therapy out into the real world and at home. AAC treatment is a team effort. It is truly like learning a new language, so we need everyone on board! This includes families, educators, and other professionals. This is where training and consultation for families, school staff, and other professionals comes in.

Payment Options

We are a cash-pay provider and do not currently accept insurance.  You may be able to get speech therapy reimbursed by your insurance company for evaluations and/or therapy by submitting invoices directly to them for out-of-network coverage. Families wanting to use health insurance are advised to call their insurance company to check if speech therapy is covered prior to scheduling an evaluation or therapy.

Questions to ask your insurance company:

  • Do I have benefits that cover speech evaluation and/or therapy?

  • If so, what specific speech disorders are covered?

  • How many visits are covered annually?

  • Does my plan cover out-of-network providers?

  • Do I need a doctor's prescription to get a speech evaluation or therapy?