AAC Assessment

Augmentative and Alternative Communication System Evaluations:  Includes a full assessment of current functional communication skills, expressive & receptive language skills, trials of communication systems, recommendations of an AAC System & a parent training session.

Functional Communication Evaluations: For individuals who already have an alternative form of communication, this assessment will identify current functional communication skills, receptive and expressive language, and identify areas that need to be worked on to expand one's communication skills.  

Evaluation Methods Used :

  • Direct assessment through structured language tasks and play routines (when appropriate)

  • Observations in natural environments

  • Questionnaires

  • Formal Assessment Tool: Test of Aided-Communication Symbol Performance, Functional Communication Profile-Revised, Communication Matrix, Every Move Counts


AAC Treatment

Treatment is typically individual sessions that are 1 hour in length and focuses on the following skills:

  • Linguistic: Understanding the expressive and receptive skills and knowledge needed to operate the AAC system or communication device

  • Operational: the skills required to use the AAC system or communication device

  • Social: initiating, maintaining, and terminating social interactions in a socially and contextually appropriate way

  • Strategic: Skills that are unique to communicating with an AAC system or communication device., such as gaining attention, checking for listener comprehension, and repairing communication breakdowns

Training and Consultation

  • Training for parents and caregivers on how to operate the device and how to support the AAC user's communication.

  • AAC Implementation plans

  • Designing no-tech or low-tech systems

  • Programming of high-tech devices

  • Training for schools or other professionals. Examples of trainings-

    • Aided Language Stimulation (Modeling)

    • Core and Fringe Vocabulary

    • Classroom Implementation Strategies

    • Project-Core

    • Application and Device specific trainings

  • Consultation available for school districts